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Trabajito Gram.

In July of 2018, Jody and Ryan bought a house. The house is in an awesome location and has spectacular neighbors. However, the house has never been updated since it was built 60 years ago. Plus it was rented for 11 years. So it needs a lot of work. A lot.

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Tool rental list:

  1. Hammer drill, 7/20: garage shelves
  2. Chain saw, 7/30: shrubs & tree from the front of house
  3. 6" wood chipper, 8/16: chipping scrub oak
  4. Mid tine tiller, 8/19: front yard flower bed


  1. SLC County: 15yd, over-filled by 3+' (junipers)
  2. Tiger: 20yd, 4.19tn (juniper, scrub oak, concrete)
  3. Tiger: 20yd, 5.75tn (scrub oak chip, concrete)

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