Inner toast.
2021-02-06 - A horribly productive day in the closet
2021-01-31 - House distractions
2021-01-30 - Framing for the header to go up
2021-01-29 - Closet header is up?
2021-01-28 - Closets started. The next to last "big" project upstairs!
2021-01-15 - Railing. Done. Well, mostly. The trim needs to be screwed, patched, and painted and the decking needs to be redone, but nearly done.
2021-01-11 - Railing has some oil on it. Closer...
2021-01-05 - A bucket of cedar dust
2021-01-05 - Jody walks through the Crestwood Disaster. Wouldn't want the neighbors to think we're done...
2021-01-04 - Rail is up. Lots more to do...
2021-01-03 - Rail starts going up. The bottom slat is really tough
2021-01-02 - Rail is in progress
2020-12-30 - Front porch posts are being notched and sanded.
2020-12-25 - The orange chair is ready for Santa
2020-12-16 - Non-epic tree fetching this year.
2020-12-06 - Downstairs door is in. Note that the glass was changed to be frosted. Also, it is too cold to paint, so it is just primed for now.
2020-11-09 - Mostly done. Just a little touch ups coming. Next up, porch rail and downstairs door.
2020-11-03 - Cedar goes up
2020-10-28 - Exterior work is starting (and the only new roof pic)
2020-10-21 - Gary brought home a backyard decoration. Still with skin!
2020-10-11 - New deck with Nixie (Ade's foster)
2020-09-12 - The backyard gets closer yet with the addition of sod.
2020-09-09 - Crestwood Wind Storm Update: At the north end of Crestwood, another down big tree.
2020-09-08 - Crestwood Wind Storm Update: across the street, Laith lost a tree. It poked holes through his roof, but all of his walls are still standing.
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