Inner toast.
2020-05-10 - Another productive year starts
2020-05-03 - Gary manages a sprinkler supply line trench
2020-05-03 - Gary supervises
2020-05-02 - Jody and Gary pose with the third box
2020-04-25 - A sad goodbye to the blue bathtub
2020-04-18 - Gary helps with the planter box
2020-03-23 - Fresh flowers are the focus now that little house work goes on
2020-03-08 - Jody has a seed problem
2020-02-21 - Jody tries out her comissioned painting on this blank wall
2020-02-09 - Jody admires her painting she bought
2020-01-15 - Gary ruins the run some more
2019-12-21 - The tree is done
2019-12-16 - The tree has lights. Mostly.
2019-12-15 - Ryan puts lights on the tree while Gary wonders why we are not outside playing tug
2019-12-14 - The tree made it home after a 4 hour sketchy drive back from near Mountain View, WY
2019-12-14 - Ryan cuts our by permit, national forest Christmas tree the tree from a waist deep posthole at 16 degrees with blowing wind
2019-10-10 - Our first black widow
2019-10-07 - Six tons of boulders show up for the back wall
2019-10-02 - At this point in the garden, we started weekly veggie deliveries to the neighbors
2019-09-01 - Jody and her harvest
2019-08-31 - Master is nearly done tiling
2019-08-27 - Shower drain has been fixed. It was too far from the wall. Jody was not happy to come home and find me cutting out the new 9000 dollar plumbing
2019-08-26 - Hall bath now has the built in from Del
2019-08-25 - Tile detail work from a couple of amateurs
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