Inner toast.
2020-08-09 - Gary sleeps in the garbage bin corral.
2020-08-09 - The front north yard is also nearing completion. Just need some river rocks around the edge to hold stuff in.
2020-08-09 - North side yard dumpster fire is nearly out.
2020-08-02 - Jody's green thumb and 5lb zucchini result is quarts pickles.
2020-07-29 - Not the house. This was a day away from the house. A house vacation day. This was taken on the descent from Mt Superior.
2020-07-18 - Started putting in the gravel in an attempt to reign in the front yard disaster.
2020-07-13 - Burned backyard trail
2020-07-11 - Annnnd of course it is. There's a wildfire about 200 yards away. I have a feeling this one will miss us. After we are completely done with the yard, upstairs, and outside is when we will have some sort of disaster.
2020-07-10 - Fire support
2020-07-07 - Deck is getting the love. Lots of boiled linseed oil will be added.
2020-07-06 - Deck is decked. Past tense.
2020-06-28 - Oh so close.
2020-06-26 - Deck is getting decked.
2020-06-20 - Deck. Framed.
2020-06-20 - It's 930pm and the donated sod from Adrian is installed in the Garadise. Note that Ryan sodded around Gary's hole.
2020-06-19 - And so it begins. Decking.
2020-06-19 - Deck framing is coming along
2020-06-18 - Cement from the backyard is now in the front yard. Ready for that deck wood to be put to use.
2020-06-17 - Ryan uses the concrete saw
2020-06-16 - Someone made a tower of sliced up logs out of the tree I chopped up in the front yard. I am glad to see the neighbors are at least getting enjoyment from our constant shit-show.
2020-06-13 - Gary wants to help. Unfortunately, he never quite understands what is going on, so he just lays down right in the middle.
2020-05-21 - Tile saw is back. Matt owns it, but doesn't want to store it. Therefore, we are going to take it to Glen and Rachel's. The price for borrowing: store it.
2020-05-19 - Ho. Lee. Shit. That's a lot of bark.
2020-05-10 - Another productive year starts
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