Inner toast.
2018-06-29 - The house from pipeline overlook
2018-07-11 - We have a key.
2018-07-11 - Bonus - A furniture-free first dinner on the front porch
2018-07-14 - The Amazon jungle has nothing on this dumpster fire of a back yard
2018-07-15 - Front yard as purchased. Note the holly bushes, big bushes in front of the bottom window, and the hairy things to the left
2018-07-21 - One step closer to moving in is the installation of the internet
2018-07-21 - Bonus - Trying to put out the dumpster-fire involves filling a dumpster with fence and juniper
2018-07-21 - Bonus - The dumpster-fire-of-a-backyard continues with fence removal
2018-07-22 - Garage shelves moved and bolted to the concrete wall
2018-07-26 - Matt quickly elevated to best-neighbor-ever brings over the tractor to try and pull out fence posts and remove some of the concrete
2018-07-26 - Bonus - Garage progress. Now to figure out how to remove the cave-smell
2018-07-28 - A lot of work ends with a single pole removed. And a good place for Gary to supervise
2018-07-29 - Gary is not happy with the amount of hair already on my clothes so he decides to try and add more
2018-07-29 - Bonus - Matt helps tear our more concrete and rocks
2018-07-29 - Bonus - Free of concrete and fence
2018-07-31 - The house is firred out sheetrock over brick. There is no framing structurally. There is only masonry for support. This came as a shock when the mason was out.
2018-08-01 - The small pile of concrete and rock and doors
2018-08-01 - Bonus - We continue to try and put out the dumpster fire that is the back yard
2018-08-02 - Picture sent to the engineer so he could see the unreinforced masonry house we bought right by the Wasatch Fault
2018-08-03 - Jody gets started cutting out more junipers. Note the height of the wall and the width and depth of junipers
2018-08-03 - Bonus - The awning is no more
2018-08-04 - The pile grows
2018-08-04 - Bonus - Jody wraps up the junipers. Finally uncovering the dumpster that is on fire
2018-08-04 - Bonus - Jody has seriously scratched and broken out legs from the junipers
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