Inner toast.
2020-08-25 - Unfortunately, the air conditioner drain is not well routed.
2020-08-24 - Roof is going in.
2020-08-24 - Roofers have started!
2020-08-23 - Lighting up the back. Note that these lights are very dim. This was taken in night-mode, so it looks ragingly bright.
2020-08-23 - Lights are up!
2020-08-22 - Gary sleeps in the fresh soft dirt piles Jody is wheelbarrowing up from the front yard. Getting ready to sod!
2020-08-19 - As the deck and yard comes together, I wonder if the dumpster fire is burning out
2020-08-18 - South side now has gravel and reused red concrete squares
2020-08-15 - Looking across the deck, one can make out the leveled yard, ready for sod
2020-08-15 - North side of the house is terraced and graveled. Just need a little bit more mulch. And a ton of plants
2020-08-15 - Pano of the front of the house
2020-08-14 - Ryan took a section of fence down to move gravel to the south side of the house
2020-08-09 - Gary sleeps in the garbage bin corral.
2020-08-09 - The front north yard is also nearing completion. Just need some river rocks around the edge to hold stuff in.
2020-08-09 - North side yard dumpster fire is nearly out.
2020-08-02 - Jody's green thumb and 5lb zucchini result is quarts pickles.
2020-07-29 - Not the house. This was a day away from the house. A house vacation day. This was taken on the descent from Mt Superior.
2020-07-18 - Started putting in the gravel in an attempt to reign in the front yard disaster.
2020-07-13 - Burned backyard trail
2020-07-11 - Annnnd of course it is. There's a wildfire about 200 yards away. I have a feeling this one will miss us. After we are completely done with the yard, upstairs, and outside is when we will have some sort of disaster.
2020-07-10 - Fire support
2020-07-07 - Deck is getting the love. Lots of boiled linseed oil will be added.
2020-07-06 - Deck is decked. Past tense.
2020-06-28 - Oh so close.
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