Masonry Needs

We want to make sure the new window sills look like the old ones. We also want to retain as much brick as possible. So even break that's not used for toothing in, we'd like to keep it. It doesn't need to be cleaned, just preserved.

If you'd like to come by, please text or call me, Ryan, at 720-519-6921.

North office window

The north office window will need 7 courses removed from below the window. The new window is 42" high and the brick window sill is 4.5" high, roughly 46-47". 7 courses? It is about 10 feet from the ground to the bottom of the window. We're getting a custom sized 74 in wide window. If you can tell by the tape measure in the picture, from edge of brick to edge of brick is 74". Hopefully, toothing in will only have to happen on every other course, on both sides of the window.

South kitchen window

The south facing window is the kitchen window. The open is only going to be taller. I don't remember the exact dimensions but I think it's about the same height wise as the north side window. Maybe seven corses to come down.

Window sill

Here's a close up of a window sill.